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3 of 9 Barcode Font, Code 39Developer: Paul Andre LeBlanc | License: Free
3 of 9 Barcode
Code 128 FontDeveloper: Grand Zebu | License: Public Domain / GPL / OFL
Code 128
c39hrp24dhtt FontLicense: Unknown
IDAutomationHC39M FontDeveloper: IDAutomation | License: Free
QR font FontDeveloper: zanatlija | License: Free
QR font Font
Half Life FontDeveloper: Valve Software | License: Unknown
Half Life
CIA Code 39 FontLicense: Unknown
CIA Code 39
Aurebesh FontDeveloper: Pixel Sagas | License: Free for personal use
Half Life 2 FontDeveloper: Valve Software | License: Unknown
Half Life 2
CCode39 FontDeveloper: Mark Tan | License: Free
CCode39 Font
AGA Islamic Phrases FontDeveloper: Almedia Interactive Ltd. | License: Free for personal use
AGA Islamic Phrases
Moon Phases FontDeveloper: Curtis Clark | License: Free for personal use
Moon Phases
SteelTongs FontDeveloper: TracerTong | License: Free for personal use
Mandalorian FontDeveloper: Erikstormtrooper | License: Free
PlayStation Buttons FontDeveloper: TracerTong | License: Free for personal use
PlayStation Buttons
Code 39 FontLicense: Unknown
Code 39 Font
Code 3X FontDeveloper: Yuji Adachi | License: Free
Code 3X Font
SHia FontDeveloper: Ashoora | License: Free
SHia Font
Social Shapes FontDeveloper: y-a | License: Free for personal use
Social Shapes
Galactic Basic FontDeveloper: Erikstormtrooper | License: Free
Galactic Basic
New Dingbats Fonts
EZBorder by Thomas E. Harvey
Calendar by Thomas E. Harvey
Bergamot Ornaments by Emily Lime Design
Little Miss by KiddieFonts
Etaday by Bellini Studio
NHL by Jayde Garrow
Sport Relief by KiddieFonts
Draconiano by 0spr3y
Comments and Reviews
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma · 18 Apr 2024

How to use it when i have value like 23422 and i want to make barcode of these no. in crystal report but i am not able to scan it what should i add before or after these above value so that it will become scanable.

Indi Aner
Indi Aner · 11 Jan 2024

Has there already been an answer to this question as to how to do this? I will use also a string and only one qr code

Дирижабль Гиганть
Дирижабль Гиганть · 4 Jan 2024

Johnathan, this font is made by Valve Software. I was digging around abit in hl2's files and also found it, so its one of default hl2 fonts.

Kaleem Ullah Minhas
Kaleem Ullah Minhas · 26 Dec 2023

I want to copy on my phone.

Carl James's
Carl James's · 10 Dec 2023

Great font and life saver. Thank you

Santosh Pattnaik
Santosh Pattnaik · 21 Nov 2023