Fonts4Free provides 441 different Bitmap fonts categorized as :

Determination FontDeveloper: Harry Wakamatsu | License: Free
Minecraft Pixel FontDeveloper: Pwnage Block | License: Free for personal use
Minecraft Pixel
Perfect DOS VGA 437 FontDeveloper: Zeh Fernando | License: Free
Perfect DOS VGA 437
Dina FontDeveloper: Jorgen Ibsen | License: Free
Dina Font
Nokia Cellphone FC FontDeveloper: Zeh Fernando | License: Free
Nokia Cellphone FC
Gumball FontDeveloper: Aaron Amar | License: Free
Gumball Font
SG12 FontDeveloper: Shakagraphics | License: Unknown
SG12 Font
Pixel Gosub FontDeveloper: Pixel Sagas | License: Free
Pixel Gosub
VCR OSD Mono FontDeveloper: Riciery Leal | License: Free
8 Bit Revival FontDeveloper: Jeff George | License: Free
8 Bit Revival
Commodore 64 Pixelized FontDeveloper: Devin Cook | License: Free
Commodore 64 Pixelized
Pix Chicago FontDeveloper: Etienne Desclides | License: Free
Pix Chicago
Pixel Emulator FontDeveloper: Pixel Sagas | License: Free
Pixel Emulator
8-bit Operator+ FontDeveloper: Grandoplex Productions | License: Public Domain / GPL / OFL
8-bit Operator+
Minecraft Bitmap FontDeveloper: Craftron Gaming | License: Free
Minecraft Bitmap
Press Start 2P FontDeveloper: Codeman38 | License: SIL Open Font License
Press Start 2P
Code 7x5 FontDeveloper: Juan Casco | License: Free for personal use
Code 7x5
Joystix FontDeveloper: Typodermic Fonts | License: Free
Joystix Font
04b_30 FontDeveloper: 04 | License: Unknown
04b_30 Font
Motorola ScreenType FontDeveloper: R P N | License: Free
Motorola ScreenType
New Bitmap Fonts
Gumball by Aaron Amar
After Burner by Genshichi Yasui
Little Conquest by Brixdee
Invader by Sun Design
Ikkle 4 by Brixdee
Determination by Harry Wakamatsu
Minecraft Pixel by Pwnage Block
Pix Riddim by Brixdee
Comments and Reviews
PG3D Kyp1xx
PG3D Kyp1xx · 19 Jul 2023

Average gorilla tag font fr

Paul Denman
Paul Denman · 19 Dec 2022

Not quite what I wanted was looking for 7x5 bit maps. Cheers anyway.

Abran DRozario
Abran DRozario · 27 Nov 2022

From The Amazing World of GUMBALL!

ณัฐชนนท์ เจริญพันธ์
ณัฐชนนท์ เจริญพันธ์ · 10 Nov 2022

Yesssss I can make a undertale sans video with this

Johnathan Muretta
Johnathan Muretta · 2 Nov 2022

Definitely the Undertale font. Good font.

Abran DRozario
Abran DRozario · 30 Oct 2022

That will finally work. Here I come to save the day, Abran dada is here on the way.