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Samarkan FontDeveloper: Titivillus Foundry | License: Shareware
Alhambra FontDeveloper: Harolds Fonts | License: Free
Big Hero 6 FontDeveloper: PrincessFairy | License: Free for personal use
Big Hero 6
XXII Arabian Onenightstand FontDeveloper: Doubletwo Studios | License: Free for personal use
XXII Arabian Onenightstand
Arab Dances FontDeveloper: Manfred Klein | License: Free
Arab Dances
Karate FontDeveloper: Gary D. Jessey | License: Free
Karate Font
Hobbiton Brush hand FontDeveloper: Nancy Lorenz | License: Free
Hobbiton Brush hand
Prakrta FontDeveloper: Derek Gomez | License: Shareware
Prakrta Font
Ginko FontDeveloper: Paul Pegoraro | License: Unknown
Ginko Font
Shanghai FontDeveloper: PrimaFont | License: Free
Dalek FontDeveloper: K-Type | License: Free for personal use
Dalek Font
Gang of Three FontDeveloper: Vic Fieger | License: Free
Gang of Three
Wonton FontDeveloper: Da Font Mafia | License: Unknown
Wonton Font
Elder Futhark FontDeveloper: Curtis Clark | License: Free for personal use
Elder Futhark
Augustus FontLicense: Unknown
PR Viking FontDeveloper: Peter Rempel | License: Free for personal use
PR Viking
Caesar Dressing FontDeveloper: Open Window | License: SIL Open Font License
Caesar Dressing
El Rio Lobo FontDeveloper: Jonathan Smith | License: Shareware
El Rio Lobo
Psuedo Saudi FontDeveloper: Iconian Fonts | License: Free for personal use
Psuedo Saudi
Daedra FontDeveloper: Pixel Sagas | License: Free for personal use
Daedra Font
New Foreign Look Fonts
Alfheim Online Magic Spell by DarkBlackSwords
Kahnstruct by Caleb Finn
Romana Caps Classic Squares by Manfred Klein
Nippon Latin by Manfred Klein
Cyankonabe by Goma Shin
Buka Puasa Bersama by Adien Gunarta
Propaganda by Matthew Welch
Awesome South Korea by Adien Gunarta
Comments and Reviews
Nicolas Mortemain
Nicolas Mortemain · 4 Apr 2020

Great stuuf and thanks. I am actually looking for runes o ANDRED. any help? thanks

Rony Akash
Rony Akash · 4 Apr 2019

This is very useful font for hindu traditional text.

Gerardo Camacho B
Gerardo Camacho B · 3 Mar 2019

Good pages font best

Fen Alraun Ci
Fen Alraun Ci · 30 Jan 2019

Add to this that Thurisaz is not present in the font at all. So it's missing a rune.

Fen Alraun Ci
Fen Alraun Ci · 6 Dec 2018

I was looking for a futhark font that appeared variable, as if it had been carved free-hand into stone or wood. The preview appears that way, but the download is very uniform and clean. The download is not the same font

Andrea Clarke
Andrea Clarke · 15 Sep 2018

Thank you for including the rune for Thurisaz. Other font creators seem to have missed it.
If you ever decide to update your font to include the alternate Ing/Inguz/Ingwaz please let me know.