Pokemon Master Font
Font Name:Pokemon Master
Developer:London Letters
Category:Dingbats > Tv Movie
Glyphs:62 glyphs / 62 characters
License Type:Free for personal use
Downloads:106 total (1 this week)Download
Pokemon Master Font Preview

There are three fonts in this font family. Poke'mon Master Solid, Poke'mon Master Outline and Poke'mon Master Dingbats. In all of these fonts the same Poke'mon appear on each letter. Where I was able I used original pokemon as the lowercase letters and one of their evolutions on the uppercase letter. Also where able one of these poke'mons name begins with the letter it is attached to. The Poke'mon in this font are as follows:

0=Cuebone | 1=Clafairy | 2=Dratini | 3=Electrode | 4=Geodude | 5=Krabby

6=Magikarp | 7=Mankey | 8=Pidgey | 9=Staryu | a=Abra | A=Alacazam

b=Caterpie | B=Butterfree | c=Charmander | C=Charizard | d=Diglet | D=Dugtrio

e=Ekans | E=Arbok | f=Spearow | F=Fearow | g=Gastly | G=Gengar

h=Horsea | H=Seadra | i=Bulbasaur | I=Ivysaur | j=Jigglypuff | J=Wigglytuff

k=Koffing | K=Weezing | L=Lickitung | l=Laprus | m=Mew | M=MewTwo

n=Nidoran (Female) N=Nidoqueen | o=Oddish | O=Vileplume | p=Pikachu | P=Raichu

q=Meowth | Q=Persian | r=Rattata | R=Raticate | s=Squirtle | S=Blastoise

t=Tentacool | T=Tentacruel | u=Seel | U=Dewgong | v=Vulpix | V=Ninetails

w=Weedle | W=Beedrill | x=Psyduck | X=Golduck | y=Eevee | Y=Vaporeon

z=Zubat | Z=Golbat

I tried to pick the most popular Poke'mon, but with 150 in the original game, I'm sure I missed someones favorite.

Poke'mon the name and the characters used are copyrighted by Nintendo. No copyright is claimed or applied in this font. This font cannot be used for ANY commercial reason. Images in these letters were based on the Poke'mon images found at www.pokemon.com in the "Poke'dex" section.

Pokemon Master Font Character Map

Pokemon Master font contains 62 defined characters and 62 unique glyphs.

The font contains characters from the following unicode character ranges: Basic Latin (66).

  • Font Name:LMS Poke'mon Master DingBat
  • Subfamily:Regular
  • Version:Version 1.00
  • Trademark:Trademark

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Font Info

Pokemon Master is a dingbats, tv-movie font designed by London Letters. The font is licensed as Free for personal use. You can download and use the font free for personal projects. For commercial projects please refer to the license file in the package or contact the designer directly from londonsletters.com.

The zip archive contains the following files:

  • · LMSPokemonMaster_ReadMe.txt
  • · LMS Pokemon Master DingBat.ttf
  • · LMS Pokemon Master Solid.ttf
  • · LMS Pokemon Master Outline.ttf
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