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NokiaKokia Font, NOKIALicense: Free for personal use
Heineken FontDeveloper: Shamrock | License: Free for personal use
Harabara FontDeveloper: Andre Harabara | License: Donationware
Los Caballeros del Zodiaco FontDeveloper: Kustren Monte | License: Free for personal use
Los Caballeros del Zodiaco
Dunkin Font, Dunkin' DonutsDeveloper: Pixel Sagas | License: Free for personal use
Dunkin Font
Poppins FontDeveloper: Indian Type Foundry | License: SIL Open Font License
Poppins Font
Abaku TL Sym Sans FontDeveloper: TCMB | License: Public Domain / GPL / OFL
Abaku TL Sym Sans
Crystal Universe Font, Steven UniverseDeveloper: MaxiGamer | License: Free
Crystal Universe
Nirvana FontLicense: Unknown
Nirvana Font
Ecofont Vera Sans FontDeveloper: Spranq | License: Free
Ecofont Vera Sans
London Between FontDeveloper: Francois Bruel | License: Free
London Between
Card Characters FontDeveloper: Harolds Fonts | License: Free
Card Characters
Sword Art Online FontDeveloper: DarkBlackSwords | License: Free for personal use
Sword Art Online
Catamaran FontDeveloper: Pria Ravichandran | License: SIL Open Font License
Ramabhadra FontDeveloper: Purushoth Kumar Guttula | License: SIL Open Font License
Khula FontDeveloper: Erin McLaughlin | License: SIL Open Font License
Khula Font
Bangla MN Regular FontLicense: Unknown
Bangla MN Regular
Aldo FontDeveloper: Sacha Rein | License: Free
Aldo Font
Martel Sans FontDeveloper: Dan Reynolds | License: SIL Open Font License
Martel Sans
Mallanna FontDeveloper: Purushoth Kumar Guttula | License: SIL Open Font License
New Basic Fonts
Maximum Impact by Darrell Flood
Elastic Stretch by Darrell Flood
Quicksilver by Darrell Flood
Japanese 3017 by Darrell Flood
Moonrising by Darrell Flood
Captain Marvel by NubeFonts
Medel by Ozan Karakoc
Nanum Myeongjo by Fontrix
Comments and Reviews
KC Moi
KC Moi · 26 Oct 2021

I love the tiny details - especially the hexagonal shape wherever there's a dot use.. including the question mark. I'm thinking of trying this out at home. (I'm not sure how useful the % sign is without a line across the

Phoenix King
Phoenix King · 10 Oct 2021

I love this font, I wish to use it for my Logo for my online small business I wish to start-up, I am able to use it freely or do I need permission to do that? and if so how do I get in contact with the owner to get that

Font Bots
Font Bots · 14 Sep 2021

How can use this font in my post it is not allow me to copy this font.

Christian Kathlyne
Christian Kathlyne · 11 Sep 2021

I love this!!!

Sann C.M
Sann C.M · 10 Aug 2021


David Garretson
David Garretson · 27 Jul 2021

This font has to be my all-time favorite, the only thing I dislike about it is the B, with the lower opening being wider than the upper one. I think it would be much better if they were both the same size, but that's jus